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✨ integrate your past

✨ focus your present

✨ create your future

"You are gifted beyond words in ​your work with the amazing Tarot. ​Your enthusiasm and passion for ​sharing the wonders of the Tarot is ​truly infectious! You are an ​eloquent and magical storyteller. ​Captivating!" ~Dawn S.

"Lots of valuable information! So ​much wonderful empowerment. ​You’ve shown me and reminded ​me that I create my world. ​Working with you put me in a ​totally other dimensional level." ​~Gita G.

"You are one of the most talented, ​intelligent, magical, and creative ​women I know. You present with ​such authority, grace, and finesse ​- creating transformation within ​those who are present to your ​magic." ~Linda G.

about me

  • sociologist of emotions, identity + change
  • 30+ years of practical experience
  • award-winning university educator
  • cancer sun, scorpio moon, aquarius rising
  • "just fabulous at what she does" - Maria G.

Feel into the unknown, see beyond the ​ordinary, and receive the wisdom of your ​own inner guidance.

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Get clarity, insight, and ​guidance plus inspiration, ​beauty, and fun.



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